The last days of the year

The last days of the year

These last days of the year are always a bit weird, don’t you agree? For some reason I loose track of the days and everything slows down a bit. I tried answering emails, but it turns out everyone is out of the office. So I might as well take a little break and meet up with friends & family instead. It’s that time of the year anyway!

Taking it easy these days gave me some time to reflect on 2016. It was the year I took my baby aka A Dash Of Fash aka this very blog you are looking at full-time. And this year I also neglected this blog a little bit and started focusing more & more on Instagram. In case you don’t follow me, I’m @adashoffash (obviously 😉 ). But I am reviving the good ol’ blog with a brand new theme. It will make it a bit easier to see where I’m at, browse through old posts and shop what I’m wearing/craving. Hope you like it!

So back to 2016, I actually had to scroll through the blog / Instagram to see what I’ve been up to as it’s been such a whirlwind! I’ll be recapping some high lights in the coming days. Thanks for following along all this time!

I’m wearing

Denim jacket: Pinko
KnitSamsoe Samsoe
Leather pants: Object
Boots: Givenchy
Beanie: Zara