Let it rain!

Let it rain!

I’ve been in denial about autumn for a while. I mean, a few weeks ago I was bare legged in Paris and the weather in the Netherlands has been pretty good so far as well. But since a few days autumn really arrived. It’s getting colder and I even turned the heating on a few times. It’s rainy too and on those days I always to prefer to stay in with a blanket and some hot tea.

But if I do need to get out I always find myself having a bit of a problem. I like to bike to places, but don’t want to be all wet when I arrive at an appointment. Wet trousers and mascara on your chin never made anyone happy, right?

That’s why I was happy Kitsch Kitchen came to the rescue with a couple of really cool rain ponchos. They come in 3 different patterns and guess what – I got them all! I love that they help me wear something different even when it rains. The poncho comes in a pouch, so I make sure to have it with me anywhere I go. Autumn, I’m ready for you!

This post was created in collaboration with Kitsch Kitchen.

Photography by Aygin Kolaei

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