Milan in 15 pictures

Milan in 15 pictures

 Earlier this month I had the opportunity to fly to Milan with Disaronno, which was super awesome! I was only there for a couple of days, but managed to do & see quite a few things. Here’s what I was up to in 15 pictures.


  1. On the first day we had such luck with the weather. It was around 20 degrees and I could walk around without a jacket. Such a difference with the Netherlands right now!
  2. I carried around this Calvin Klein bag with me all the time, it’s pretty handy for city trips as you can fit a lot of stuff in it. Carmen and I had similar bags, so we couldn’t help but take this bag sister pic.


  3. Sunny days in Milan = gelato, obviously.


  4. In the afternoon we enjoyed aperitivo, a typical tradition from Milan. Around this time of day friends & colleagues meet up to have drinks & bites for a fixed price. We of course joined in with a glass of wine.


  5. After this we enjoyed an amazing 5 course (!) dinner at the Small, one of the coolest restaurants I have ever visited. Mind you I had just started my calorie counting app, since I’ll be going to Mykonos next week, where I want to be in a bikini and all. This of course didn’t go down too well, but I had such a good time with good company.


  6. The next day we went to the Prada Museum, one of the coolest parts being this golden building it was in.


  7. I also really loved the café at the Prada Museum, which was designed by Wes Anderson. If you don’t know him yet, Google the guy and indulge in a world filled with retro kitsch.


  8. After this visit we went to Café Mint, a cute little cafe filled with plants around the corner of our hotel. We’ve been to this place for lunch every day. The food is pretty good and they have a little terrace, which is nice for enjoying a little bit of sunshine.


  9. This is what it was all about: the Disaronno Sour jar designed by Dutch design studio Job. This cute little jar was designed especially for Milan Design Week and I was there for the launch party.


  10. This party was in Principe di Savoia, one of the most luxurious hotels you’ll ever see!


  11. The next day we did a little photoshoot at Porta di Romana, which looked so perfect & spring like with all those tulips.

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  12. Obviously you can’t go a day without gelato in Milan!


  13. If I’m in Milan I always want to see a bit of the Duomo, this is such an impressive building.


  14. I had this very tourist idea of having pizza with a view. Probably not the best pizza I’ve ever had, but hey, the view was amazing!


  15. Quick selfie with my lovely company for this trip aka my blogger BFF Carmen. Sadly I had to go after that, as I had another shooting day with Fashionchick ahead the next day. I really enjoyed this trip though and can’t wait to be back!