Hotel tip: Qbic London

Hotel tip: Qbic London

A city break to London can be fun but very tiring at the same time. That’s why the hotel you stay in will be just as important as the places you pick to visit. During my stay this time I decided to stay in Qbic hotel for 3 days, as I heard so many great things about it from blogger friend Lily. The minute I set foot in this hotel I knew this was my cup of tea. I felt right at home when I spotted my Seletti neon letters in their restaurant!


General impression

Qbic is filled with cute details and I love that each corner tells a story of its own. As a graphic designer I’m a big fan of Qbic’s brand identity. This place is fun, fun, fun! A returning theme was quotes in the 2 elevators that take you to your room. Each day each elevator had new quotes, sometimes even multiple times a day. My travel buddy Carmen and I loved this so much that we went up and down in different elevators to see what the quotes were this time! A nice touch indeed.


The Fun Room

The room we stayed in was called the Fun Room and it was just what this name suspects! In a hotel that breathes fun this room name is almost redundant, but that’s probably the only “negative” thing I can say about this hotel. The bed was attached to an actual cubic which has the bathroom inside. On top of the bed is a giant picture of a sleeping dog, making us feel incredibly safe 😉  We shared a roomy double bed and slept like a baby.



Our stay included breakfast, so that’s what we had in the morning. I really liked the fact that breakfast was served until 11AM, so we could sleep in a little. This is a continental breakfast, but there are loads of other options to choose from. We didn’t try anything from the menu, but we did witness one of the chefs snapping some fresh made meals for Instagram, which looked delish!

To sum it all up I had a lovely experience and the staff was super friendly as well. Would definitely go to Qbic again! They also have a hotel in Amsterdam, which I’m dying to try out.

Have you ever been to Qbic? Or planning to go there? Would love to hear from you in the comments!