Dreamy dinner styling in Mykonos

Dreamy dinner styling in Mykonos

Hey guys,  in today’s post am telling you a little bit about my latest trip to Mykonos! You may have seen my pictures on Instagram already, but in case you missed it: I went on an amazing press trip together with Primark. This was a trip together with all different types of bloggers and they were all so lovely to meet. We stayed together in an amazing villa in Mykonos and did a lot of exciting activities, like yoga and a boat trip.

But the most fun thing of all was the fact that I was invited to style the dinner table on our first dinner together! As you may know I love interior styling, I always change up my own interior with small accessories like throw pillows, candles and light strings. So I was happy to create a fun environment for this dinner party. I did this using products by Primark Home. I’m not sure if you know, but Primark does a lovely home section. Just like with their clothing you’ll find loads of trendy pieces for affordable prices here. To start off with the table styling I created a mood board, I wanted to go for a midsummer night look & feel, with a lot of lights and botanicals for a romantic vibe. Luckily Primark has loads of items that fit this mood and the girls from the PR department brought those along to Mykonos. So all there was left for me to do now was take all those pieces and style them into a setting. My favourite part was using a lot of light strings, this especially works well when you want to have a dinner at night. I layered 3 rows of light strings on table runners in the middle of the table. After this I started adding different styling sections, which were repeated over the table, to create a calm & styled look and feel. Luckily there were some photographers around to capture the whole process, so you get an idea of what I mean!

When I was finished I couldn’t wait to show the table to the rest of the girls and I was happy to receive a lot of positive feedback. We had a lovely evening and this little project definitely inspired me to do more interior styling.


Hope you enjoyed this post and hope see you back soon around here!