My campaign with Swarovski

My campaign with Swarovski

I actually got my Christmas spirit going a while ago: when I recorded this campaign together with Swarovski!

We shot some cool videos to highlight their jewelry, which I think are a perfect Christmas gift. My personal fave is this star necklace I keep on wearing, I think you probably saw it on the blog or on Instagram already. It’s very dainty and goes with any outfit. I think Swarovski has a lot cool jewelry and it’s definitely worth checking out if you are still looking for something for a loved one.

Overall it has been such a fun experience recording this project and I’m very excited to share the result with you in today’s blog post.
I did a personal video and another video together with the fun Sophie & Frederique.

Below you can see the results, would love to hear what you think of these videos and if you should do more things like this 🙂