Somerset House

Somerset House

Another pretty place in London: Somerset House. I had no idea this place was so big!
In previous years this is where you could visit London Fashion Week, which brings me to the following topic: international fashion weeks are coming up again! I am still debating where to go this year, but I know for sure I will visit Paris Fashion Week. This is the first year I am going there and I’m so excited about it! It will still be over 1 month until I will be there, but I really can’t wait.

What I’m wearing

dress topshop / bag proenza schouler / sunglasses ray-ban / shoes converse

topshop-floral-dress-converse-shoes-proenza-schouler-ps-11-bag-summer-outfit-7 topshop-floral-dress-converse-shoes-proenza-schouler-ps-11-bag-summer-outfit-6 topshop-floral-dress-converse-shoes-proenza-schouler-ps-11-bag-summer-outfit-5 topshop-floral-dress-converse-shoes-proenza-schouler-ps-11-bag-summer-outfit- topshop-floral-dress-converse-shoes-proenza-schouler-ps-11-bag-summer-outfit-4