Colourful nails for summer

Colourful nails for summer

Who else is counting down the days until summer?! I know I am! I love the sunny season and always take it as an excuse to add more colour to an outfit. My favourite way of doing this is super duper easy: by adding some pretty, colourful nail polish. I’ve tried many different nail polishes, but found a new favourite in Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel.  The effect of this nail polish is  as the name says: a miracle. It’s kind of like having gel nails, but without going to the salon. Applying the polish is much faster too!

You just paint 2 layers of nail polish and then add the Miracle Gel top coat on top. If you’re into it you can even create cool nail art with your Miracle Gel. Or have it done for you! Nail artist Jessica Scholten will be visiting Ici Paris XL stores all over the Netherlands. So make sure to pop into one of those stores to spice up your nails! I’m more of a solid polish kinda girl though. I love the colourful nail polish trend for summer and picked a colour named Pretty Piggy – yup even the colour names of these polishes are cute.

Tip: did you know your nail polish will last longer if you treat your nails well? Sally Hansen has 2 really good products for this, Vitamin E oil & Nail Rehab. Let me know if you tried out their products by tagging your Insta’s with #SallyHansenSummerProof. Can’t wait to see your fave summer trends!

This post was created in collaboration with Sally Hansen. 

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