5 designs that need to be in the Kenzo for H&M collection

5 designs that need to be in the Kenzo for H&M collection

This just in: Kenzo is designing the next collection for H&M! How cool is that?! I already own a couple of Kenzo items, but  Kenzo is not at a very high price point, so I feel like this collection will be really affordable. I’m not sure if I’ll end up buying something, or that it will downgrade the brand a bit for me, after seeing an overkill of tigers on the streets after the collection launches.

Nevertheless, I can’t wait to see what they have in store for their upcoming collaboration with H&M! Here are 5 of my faves which I think need to be in the collection:

The slip-on:


Ugh, I so can’t believe I do not own these shoes yet! Comfy as hell and more importantly: a sole like that can give your legs just a bit of extra length compared to a flat sneaker. I would wear this one with a denim skirt and a light blue blouse. Tres chic!

The scarf:


You know I’m a sucker for scarves, I think they can add a chic touch to any outfit. I’d definitely wear one of those Kenzo scarves and I’m hoping it will have their iconic eyes print on it. This print is a little less known than Kenzo’s tigers, but in my opinion it’s sooo good. Fingers crossed this will be included as it’s probably what I’m most likely to buy.

The bag:


I always feel like Kenzo bags are a little underrated. Sure, we all know the sweatshirt and shoes. But did you know Kenzo makes kick-ass bags too? I’m the proud owner of one little cutie, which you can see in this & this post.

The sweater dress:


The tiger logo is a classic for Kenzo and while a sweater might not be that original to own, this dress definitely is. Pair it with some awesome sneakers and you’re street cred will be sky high.

The cactus sweater:


What’s better than a tiger? A cactus, duh! Just as tropical as the animal, but so much more on trend. The tropical trend is definitely here to stay and Kenzo knows. This sweater is on my wish list.

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