5 reasons you why need a faux fur coat

5 reasons you why need a faux fur coat

Easy eyecatcher

A faux fur coat spices up any outfit. You can wear a boring all black look, throw on a faux fur coat and sha-bam!  You look like a freakin’ rockstar. I love how faux fur coats are such an easy piece.

Keeps you warm

Well, in today’s weather this one isn’t quite necessary, but in case winter actually comes, a faux fur coat will definitely keep you warm. I wore mine out the last couple of days when it was 15 degrees and had to wear a very thin lurex top to compromise. So worth it though.

Returning trend

The faux fur trend has been around for ages and it keeps on getting better. The pic accompanying today’s post is from this post of last year, where I wore the most amazing faux furry ever from ASOS. Obviously it’s sold out, but you can find a very similar one here.  I love that this trend is ever evolving. Last year I first found faux fur patchwork coats and this year there’s even more variation in the trend. I recently discovered faux fur brand Shrimps and let me tell you- their pieces are absolutely fabulous.

Compliments guaranteed

Feeling down? A faux fur coat will lift you right up again. Like I said in point 1, you’ll feel like a rockstar. But, even better, you’ll be treated like one too! You can’t wear a piece like this and not get compliments all around.

Inexpensive investment

All of the above plus the fact that your coat will put a big smile on your face will make you wear this coat loads and loads. This will make your costs per wear drop to a crazy low, making your coat worth the investment! I selected a few of my fave coats below. Happy shopping!

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Picture from this post.