Sneak peek: grey hair

Sneak peek: grey hair

I did it! I changed my hair! Allright, it’s not a completely different look, but still big enough for me. My hair is a big part of my look and I intend to keep it that way. Dark, straight and a fringe has become my signature hairstyle over the years. And ever since I kinda ruined my hair with a DIY dip-dye (which is still to be found somewhere in the dungeons of this blog) I had no intentions of dying it anymore.

Until I met talented hair stylist Blanca, who works at Salon B Haarlem and at that point rocked a very cool hair colour, with subtle streaks of grey and violet. I always had a thing for grey and violet hair and even asked my hairdresser whether that look would work for me once, but they told me that turning my dark hair blonde (which is necessary for that look) would kill my hair. So I thought… Hmm, let’s not do that.

Since I met Blanca I switched hairdressers and she became the one who always cuts my hair. And every time we discussed the possibility of doing something different to my hair, that would still suit my look. One of those times I decided to take the leap and make the appointment to colour my hair. Inspired by the look Blanca rocked last year we decided to go for some grey ballayage strands at the ends. I won’t go into all of the technical details, but I had to visit the salon twice and both appointments lasted 6 hours. That’s how long it takes to turn dark hair blonde – without damaging it!

After my hair was blonde enough it was dyed a greyish colour, which I really love. The result is quite subtle but still bold enough for a new look. I’m really excited to show you my new look! Curious what you think, let me know in the comments!