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I’m Iris, a graphic designer, illustrator and fashion blogger, currently based in Haarlem, The Netherlands. I'm a happy-go-lucky kind of girl with a weak spot for fabulous shoes. 

I've always loved visiting fashion blogs for inspiration and was looking for a project to work on.  After thinking long and hard - ok, I'm lying now, it didn't really take long and the decision in itself was pretty easy - it got to me: why not start my own fashion blog?! 
So here it is! On this blog you'll find a dash of fash with a pinch of illustration and a slice of graphic design

All opinions on this blog are my own and every 'courtesy of' item is picked by me personally. If it doesn't suit my style or will not benefit my readers, you will not see it on this blog. 

I'm a PR friendly blogger, so I love new collaborations. If you have any ideas or just questions you like to ask me, shoot @ iris.dijkers@gmail.com