My new travel buddy – Kipling Transformation Collection

My new travel buddy – Kipling Transformation Collection


Since a couple of months I’m the proud owner of my own car, giving me new possibilities to travel to different places. This weekend Scott & me went on an impromptu road trip to Cologne. We went there to see Robyn in concert – one of my all time fave artists – plus we took it as a new opportunity to discover someplace new. And let’s say we¬† were pleasantly surprised, Cologne was such a lovely city! It’s really big and has a lot of cute shops and restaurants. I especially liked the Belgian quarter, which was a little more arty and had a lot of cute concept stores.

We arrived to Cologne in the evening, went to the concert and took the next day to explore the city. For this day of exploring I always like to bring a bunch of things to make my day a little easier & fun –¬†snacks, drinks, my camera, phone, phone charger, etc. This is when a convenient bag comes in handy! I prefer to wear a backpack, I have a sensitive back and in my experience a backpack is much more comfortable. So far I hadn’t find a backpack that suited my style, they usually look a little too practical for my liking. So you can imagine my excitement when I found my new Kipling bag from their Transformation collection: it’s pink and comes in a satin style fabric, making it super elegant. I also really like the light details on the bag, making it extra classy. Plus it comes with plenty of useful pockets, where I could easily stuff the souvenirs I bought during the day!

I picked a pink bag from this collection, but they also have a lot of nice bags in grey, khaki, green and white. There’s a little something for everyone and I think it’s really cool Kipling thought of making the collection gender neutral. As you can see the bag can be worn in multiple ways, both as a backpack or a tote bag, which I switched up during the day, depending on where we were.

Would love to hear what you think of my new travel companion and of course what you think of today’s post. Would you like to visit Cologne, or have you been there already?

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