New year, new hair, new me?

New year, new hair, new me?

Hey you, long time no speak! I feel like I say this every time I write a new blog post. What can I say,  Instagram is what it’s all about, so most of my “action” nowadays is on there. Which kind of made me forget that blogging is actually one of my hobbies!

Something about the start of the year – can I still say start of the year at the beginning of February? – makes me want to get all productive, so that’s why I’m back on this very blog. Despite the fact that this is actually my least favourite month of the year. Sorry mum, I know it’s your birthday month, but the past years I couldn’t help but escaping for warmer places – Bali, Tulum. But no, not this year. This year I’m staying put, at home, embracing the cold, rain and an opportunity to stay inside and get productive again.

I don’t know of any of you recognize this, but whenever I feel like I need a change, it doesn’t just stay that way. What I’m looking for is a big, dramatic change. So I cut my hair, changed my Instagram filter (yup, that’s a thing in the Instagram world), cancelled my office space, joined a new gym and changed up my wardrobe a bit – the highlight was the Ganni sweater I’m wearing in today’s post. Hello, new me!

Last week I also updated my graphic design portfolio, because, exciting news: I’m available for design projects again! I really love working on creative projects and for some reason the mix of working on more projects – my blog, graphic design, illustration, etc – at one time really works for me and gives me new inspiration and energy. So yay, very excited about this!

So you’re curious about my work, don’t be shy and have a look.

So enough about me, how are you? What are your plans for the new year?


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