My love/hate relationship with pink

My love/hate relationship with pink


Wait, what?! 2 posts in 1 week? I must be crazy, right ūüėČ

And for those of you wondering why my outfit has (almost) no pink in it, that’s exactly what I wanted to talk about today: my everlasting love/hate relationship with pink.¬†As far as I remember I always had a thing for¬†colors, pink being one of my faves. To me the color is happy, but bold, feminine, but cool. It’s easy to combine with a lot of colors and can add just that bit of fun to your outfit.

I remember wearing the color a lot as a child, one of my most prized possessions was a bright pink pair of shoes, with yellow and green flowers on it and the laces were tied together with see-through butterflies. Sounds crazy, right?! Anyone who will be able to tell me what brand these shoes were gets bonus points ūüėČ

Over the years the color kept reappearing in my wardrobe, as a student I¬†wore mostly black, but I did have the coolest – mostly pink –¬†sneaker¬†collection.¬† If you go through the archives of this blog you’ll see that my style has always been evolving and I guess the best way to describe it is eclectic. But for some reason the past years pink has become very present in my style.¬†And I blame Instagram for that! I noticed so many of you enjoyed my pink outfits, that I wanted to be a “good blogger” and give you more of what you like – more pink outfits and pink pictures. But now it has come to the point¬†that people see me as “the pink girl” or ask me if I would wear anything that isn’t pink.¬†Followers, brands, pr agencies and even my boyfriend keep sending me things (physically or via DM) they think I would like just because it’s pink.

And then I realized I may have taken it a little too far, because guess what, pink doesn’t define me! Yes, I love pink, pink is beautiful, but I also love wearing other colors. And I definitely don’t like anything that is pink. Pink done the right way can be cool, but the wrong way it¬†turns out to be cheap and tacky – aka the “hate” part of my love/hate relationship with the color. Words I wouldn’t really like to describe myself with – and to be honest, who would ūüėČ

So believe it or not, pink is giving me mixed feelings. This doesn’t mean I’ll stop wearing pink, but it does mean I’ll give other colours a chance and I’ll show you more of the other outfits I’m wearing as well, so you’ll know I’m not someone with a weird type of OCD, but actually a real girl who enjoys fashion.

So how about you, do you like wearing pink?


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