The big New York tips post – eating, shopping and other activities

Hello everybody! To conclude my content from New York I thought it would be nice to share some of my fave places that I visited on this trip. I’ve been getting some requests about it, but as usual life goes on, so it took me some time to work out this post. So in case you are planning to go to New York, make sure to bookmark it! Feel free to message/tag me when you visited any places from this post. And if you have anything to add, make sure to do so in the comments!

Real food

One of the main things to do in New York is definitely eat, so be prepared to gain a few kilos 😉 I have segmented this into “real food” (a.k.a. the food you need to eat) and “instagram food” (a.k.a. the food so photogenic it ends up on the gram).

Brooklyn Diner
This was my third time in New York and a visit to the Big Apple always needs to include the Brooklyn Diner. This breakfast place is on the tips list of a lot of locals, so then you know it’s gotta be good! The interior is typical New York style and the food is less unhealthy than you’d think: my personal fave are these buckwheat pancakes.

Brooklyn Diner
Locations: 155 43rd street & 212 57th street

A breakfast place unlike any other, Kellogg’s is bringing nostalgia to anyone that was been raised eating Kellogg’s for breakfast. Not me, my mom preferred to feed us organic oatmeal! But even if you’re not a Kellogg’s fan there is plenty of choice, with a lot of dairy free options too. At Kellogg’s you can compile your dream cereal breakfast. Or get something different like I did, I’m still dreaming of those peanutbutter & banana waffles.

Kellogg’s NYC
Location: 31E 17th Street


I’m a big fan of Mexican food and Tacombi did not disappoint! Their quirky and fun interior reminds of real Mexico and their menu offers a lot of choice, from small dished to larger dishes. We went for smaller dishes as we randomly passed by and already had something to eat. Tacombi had us wanting to come back for more, so it’s definitely on the list for our next trip.

Locations: 5, find them on their website

By Chloe
I’m a vegetarian and whenever I find a good vegetarian restaurant I always feel a little overwhelmed. By Chloe is very low key but still feels very hip & happening. They offer vegetarian fast food and serve a lot of modern dishes and sandwiches. Unfortunately I couldn’t make up my mind and went for a very “boring” avocado on toast. It tasted good, but I felt like I could have gone for something more exciting. Oh well, next time!

By Chloe
Locations: 7, find them on their website


Instagram food

Pietro Nolita
Well, hello there pink place! Ever since I saw this popping up on my feed I knew I had to drop by. So I went there and bought the t-shirt (literally). Pietro Nolita is actually really small inside, but they have the pink detailing down to a T. I heard their pasta is very good, but I wasn’t hungry and only god a coffee-to-go.

Pietro Nolita
174 Elizabeth Street

Cha Cha Matcha
Another pink place… or so I thought. I had seen their pink terrace on Instagram, but apparently this  is a heated terrace you’ll only find when it’s cold outside. So that was a disappointment, lol. Luckily I really love matcha, so I treated myself to a matcha ice cream to soften the pain, wink.

Cha Cha Matcha
Locations: 373 Broome St, 1158 Broadway

New Territories
If I could I think I would have ordered everything at New Territories! Luckily I didn’t or I would have come home 10 kilos heavier.. They have so many instagrammable milkshakes and ice cream here, definitely a must-visit for that perfect gram shot. For those of you wondering, yes, I do eat everything I buy and this icecream was delicious!

New Territories
Location: 190 Orchard St

Supermoon Bake House
A very cool place with holographic walls and pink marble tables. Honestly I found it hard to get a good picture here, but the idea is really cool. The back of the shop has glass windows installed, from which you can see inside the kitchen.

Supermoon Bake House
120 Rivington St

One of the most hypnotizing floors I ever saw! The floors and tables are really pretty. We went here when we spent a day in Brooklyn and had to hide from the rain. This was definitely a perfect spot for that and I had a very nice matcha latte here.

Locations: 10 in New York, find them on their website



Apartement Sezane
Probably the most instagrammed shop in New York. I think the brand is actually from France, but Sezane New York sells local products as well. I almost took home a few Brooklyn made candles, but wasn’t sure whether to spend $75 on those. Whoops.

Apartement Sezane
Location: 254 Elizabeth Street

What Goes Around Comes Around
A really cool vintage shop in Soho, where you’ll find an amazing vintage designer collection. I ended up not buying anything as the prices for designer pieces are usually a lot higher in the States. I wonder if this has something to do with the import costs? Anyway, I did love browsing here for inspiration and ended up ordering a vintage Chanel belt when I got home 😉

What Goes Around Comes Around
Location: 351 W Broadway

Love, Adorned
A very pretty concept store opposite Sezane, stocking independent, local designers. I especially loved the jewelry pieces and interior decoration. Great place if you are looking to buy a gift.

Love Adorned
Location: 269 Elizabeth Street


Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge

One of my favourite things to do, I love how you can see the impressive skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge. I also really love the design of the bridge itself, you only see how beautifully detailed it is when you walk over it. Be prepared to walk for a while as the bridge is really long! Tip: if you don’t like crowds get up early to be one of the few people on the bridge. Seeing the sunrise from here must be magical! We went for the sunset moment, but that’s definitely a lot busier.

Scott’s Pizza Tour

If you ask for my favourite type of food it’s definitely pizza. Although pizza doesn’t originate from New York (obviously), it does have  large history here. We went on a pizza tour to find out all about! We were lucky to have the owner of the tour company, Scott, as the host of our tour. I thought I was pretty passionate about pizza, until I met him! I loved how he knew so much about pizza and it was a cool way to see a different side of New York.

Go to lesser known neighborhoods

If you have booked a long trip to New York it’s fun to explore New York and visit lesser known areas. We went to Bushwick and this was very interesting. This area is still very up & coming and has a very different vibe than Manhattan.

Gotham comedy
Going to a comedy club is a typical New York thing to do. We heard Gotham Comedy was the best one and it did not disappoint. We saw 3 comedians and were laughing until we were crying! You can see the line-up on their website, so make sure to check out if there is a comedian that you will like that night.

Walking in Central Park
If you are looking for a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the city, Central Park is a must. The park is beautiful in every season and feels like an oasis in the city. It’s 7 kilometers long, so you can spend plenty of time there. Walk around, rent a bike or sit one of the benches and read a book. This was actually my favourite part of this trip!

That’s all for today’s blog post, hope you enjoyed it 🙂

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