How to style your hair like Brigitte Bardot (and me)

How to style your hair like Brigitte Bardot (and me)

Hey guys! Today I want to share a new styling tool I recently discovered with you. I am in no way a hero with styling tools, so I was happy to find something that is easy to use and still makes my hair look polished.  I am talking about BaByliss Sensor Rotating Brush, which not only straightens, blow dries to perfection or styles your hair for a natural or sophisticated look, it also continuously controls the temperature for a heat which treats your hair more gently and sensitively. Phew, that’s a lot to take in! So being the hair dummy that I am I decided to try out the BaByliss Sensor Rotating Brush on a rainy afternoon when there is basically not much else to do.

What the set looks like

This is to explain a bit better to you what options this brush has! The brush comes with 4 different features to help you achieve different types of hairstyles. For someone who has a small bathroom like me this is perfect, no need to store 4 different tools in your bathroom cabinet, you can find it all in 1 tool. When you open the box you’ll find this:

1: The brush itself, with ion technology: glossy and anti-static, 2 temperature levels + “cool air” position, selector button for rotation direction of the rotating head and a hinged rear filter

2:  Ø 40mm Ceramic rotating brush with boar bristles, perfect for giving your hair the finishing touch

3: Ceramic comb with adjustment knob which you can use for straightening or root volume, my personal favourite

4:  3D styling control brush for natural styling

5: Ø 50mm Ceramic rotating brush with bleached anti-static boar bristles and protected ends, good for blow drying


Before using the set

To understand what result I am getting I think it’s good to know what kind of hair I have. My hair is very sleek and soft, I have a lot of hair and it is naturally a little wavy because of the way it’s cut. I don’t do much about my styling, since I think it takes too much time and I love going for a natural look. I usually wear my hair in a very relaxed way and get inspired by French women like Brigitte Bardot for my hairstyle. My goal is not to differ too much from my everyday look, but look a little more polished using this set. For this I am going to use tool number 3 of the set: the ceramic comb with adjustment knob for root volume.

How to use it

I have divided my hair into sections to make it easier to style it. The official way to do this would be using hair clips, but since I am a hair dummy and don’t own any, I used a hair band. When you have divided your hair plug in the brush (duh). Turn the adjustment knob  to the right setting and place the Ceramic comb underneath the section at the hair roots (comb teeth upwards). Hold for a few moments in this position then gently slide the appliance along the section of hair up to the tips. The trick is to keep the comb moving, to get a natural result.

The end result

Va-va-voom! I definitely got a lot of volume using the brush and because I moved it around I managed to get a few more waves than I naturally do. To finish my hair I have used a seasalt spray, this is one of the few hair products I use. I like to add this to a polished look, to make it look more natural. I swear the whole styling process only took me a few minutes, just the way I like it! I’m usually impatient with styling tools, so this one is a keeper. So if you see me sporting more voluminous hair in my next pictures, you now know my secret!

Hope you enjoyed today’s post & would love to hear if you are gonna try the Babyliss Digital Sensor!