Hotspots in Copenhagen you don’t want to miss

Hotspots in Copenhagen you don’t want to miss

Last month I went to Copenhagen for a mother – daughter trip. It was my second time visiting the city and it’s slowly making it’s way to the top of my favourites list! Copenhagen is just so pretty and filled with healthy food spots and cute design shops. After posting about the trip on Instagram I decided to write a blog post about it, to show you my favourites in the city!

Hotel Kong Arthur
Nørre Søgade 11, 1370 København K, Denmark

Hotel Kong Arthur is very conveniently located, a lot of times we walked to the city centre from here, which takes around 10 – 15 minutes. The building of the hotel is big and beautiful, we stayed in the new part of the hotel. We got a big suite, which was amazing, because there was even a sofa we could sit on, so we had our own little home in Copenhagen! In the mornings we enjoyed the wide breakfast selection, offering a lot of healthy and organic choices. A good way to start your day and eat enough to face the cold we had when we were visiting.

Sankt Peders Stræde 34, 1453 København K, Denmark

I just had to visit this restaurant after seeing it all over Pinterest! The greenhouse filled with plants that is placed in the middle of the restaurant is simply amazing. I doubted if we should have gone here by day to see the place even better (and take better pictures ;-)), but we ended up going here at night, so we could try the dinner menu. The restaurant has 3 different menus and we both opted for the vegetarian menu, because we’re vegetarians 🙂 Every dish was a little party, beautifully designed and filled with different kinds of flavours. If you’re a foodie this place is a must-go! We really enjoyed our time here and were completely stuffed after leaving the restaurant after about 4 hours of dining 🙂

Feel Good Café
 Nørre Farimagsgade 55, 1364 København K, Denmark

I had never heard of this place, but felt like it’s worth mentioning! It’s around the corner of Hotel Kong Arthur, so we actually just randomly stumbled upon this place. Feel Good Café is a small and cosy brunch place, with all kinds of healthy food and drinks options on the menu. I was surprised how big healthy, organic food is in Copenhagen and think we can learn something from that here in the Netherlands. I went for a delicious pumpkin soup and my mom had an even better salad, with a lot of kale, nuts and chickpeas. We ended up going back here, to buy some raw date & chocolate balls to bring home with us!

Les Trois Cochons
Værnedamsvej 10, 1619 København V, Denmark

If you love photogenic places, Les Trois Cochons is another spot you need to go to! The interior is very chic, my personal highlight being – believe it or not – the pink bathrooms. We went here for lunch and had a delicious goat’s cheese salad. We ended up staying here for a long time, because it was so cold outside. After we went to the Samsøe Samsøe and Ganni store, which are both just around the corner! They had an amazing Acne sweater on sale, unfortunately not in my size..

Union Kitchen
Store Strandstræde 21, 1255 København K, Denmark

You have probably already seen this place all over Instagram and after posting the pictures above I received so many questions! Union Kitchen has delicious coffee and the best part is it comes with a personal text. I have been here before and everytime you receive a different text, how fun is that! I had an avo & egg toast on rhye bread, which is one of my fave things to eat. Definitely a must-visit if you go to Copenhagen.

Pilestræde 32, 1112 København K, Denmark

Bonus entry, because we didn’t actually go here! But I heard so many things about this spot. They have a lot of healthy food and one of my fave things to eat: acai bowls! Plus there is a lot of matcha on the menu, can’t go wrong with that.


That’s all for now! Hope you enjoyed today’s post, if you have anything to add I would love to hear it for next time I visit Copenhagen 🙂