TREND REPORT: velvet for fall

TREND REPORT: velvet for fall

Ahh, velvet.  It really is the fabric of the season. From Prada, Gucci to D&G and Miu Miu, every designer brand has something of the fabric in their collection. For a smaller budget there is also plenty to be found in all of the high street stores. I already talked about my love for it last fall, and everytime the fabric comes back I get super excited. There is something about this luxurious fabric that makes me never get enough of it. Remember this top from last year  I loved so much? And now this year I am taking it even further, when I treated myself to the gorgeous velvet Gucci Marmont bag below. Velvet just adds such a nice depth to any outfit, one of the easiest ways to spice up an outfit if you ask me.

It’s eyecatching and the perfect fabric for fall/winter. You don’t necessarily have to splurge and get a Gucci bag of course, this season there are so many options for wearing velvet. Look at those cool flare pants I am wearing. They were really affordable and almost feel like wearing sweatpants. So you can even look fab on an off day, or in the weekend 😉

Scroll down to see my selection of everything velvet I love for this season. I guarantee there is plenty of choice!

Ah and speaking of velvet, I am currently still on the look-out for THE perfect velvet sofa, preferably in nude or light grey. So any tips are welcome in the comment section!

Images taken from my Instagram.