Flashback to Ibiza with Gin Mare

Flashback to Ibiza with Gin Mare

The amazing weather we had in Amsterdam the last couple of days reminded me of a trip I took to Ibiza last month with Gin Mare and a group of Dutch influencers. Remember when you saw me chilling by the infinity pool on Instagram? You were probably curious what we did on this fun trip, so in this post I’ll tell you a bit more about it.

Gin Mare is one of my favourite gins; a premium brand from the Mediterranean with a very recognizable taste. So when they invited me to experience the relaxing Mediterranean lifestyle (their main source of inspiration) in their amazing vila in Ibiza, I was pretty excited and had to say yes! Once we got there I just couldn’t believe my eyes. Located on top of the cliffs of Ibiza, the villa had an Insta-perfect infinity pool and the most beautiful sea-views I had ever seen. I didn’t get tired of looking at if for a second!

The trip started with a relaxing yoga and meditation session organized outside to get everyone in the right mood. It was nice to be able to sit there, meditating with the wind going through my hair (and the most AMAZING view ever)… and just do absolutely nothing! Mediterranean life is slower and I get the idea that people are way more relaxed than they are in the Netherlands. They take the time to be with each other and properly enjoy the moment, which is exactly what we did that weekend!

The love for good food and drinks is also something very characteristic of the Mediterranean, so we were lucky to be surrounded by delicious food and cocktails during the entire trip. Gin Mare organized a workshop by the pool, where we learned to prepare a couple of foodie-proof cocktails and also some easy food pairings to go with each drink. This was very cool to learn, I now have an extra reason to invite people over for a little cocktail tasting at my place! My fave cocktail of the day was the Smash Basil, made with grapefruit and basil. In the evening we also went to Club Heart, a really posh dinner show that’s really known for their amazing food and immersive theater. At Heart they really get creative with their food. You didn’t exactly know what you were eating before trying, which made it into a fun experience! The evening was really exciting and I had a lot of fun with the girls and Gin Mare’s team.

This short trip reminded me to disconnect sometimes and enjoy the moment a little more. Friends, fun, food (and of course drinks!) are things we sometimes forget to enjoy in our busy lives.