Things to do, see & visit in Tokyo part 2

Things to do, see & visit in Tokyo part 2

Here I am with part 2 of my Tokyo tips! The first part was posted a while back and  I’m so glad you liked it! Visiting Japan has been such a great experience and I really hope I can go back. In this blog post I’m telling you a bit about the areas we visited during our second part of the trip. We started with 5 days in Tokyo, then spent a week in Kyoto and Osaka end returned to Tokyo for another 5 days.


In Asakusa you can get a taste of the old Tokyo. You’ll find a lot of temples and street food around here.


Senso-ji temple
The biggest temple in Tokyo and definitely a must-see. Before seeing this one we already saw a lotttt of temples, but the Senso-ji is huge and very impressive.

Tokyo Sky tree
A fairly new attraction in Tokyo where you can get the highest view in the city. We didn’t go inside, but there is a big mall around here filled with cute souvenir shops and character cafés.

Nana’s green tea
If you love matcha you have to go here. During our visit I developed a matcha addiction and this is one of the best matcha places we went to.


The last part of our Japan trip we stayed at the Park Hotel, located in Ginza. This is the chicest and most expensive neighbourhood in Tokyo. A lot of people asked me if Japan was expensive. For some reason this is the idea people have, but the cost of living is actually quite similar  as it is in the Netherlands and cheaper than London. The only expensive area was Ginza. For example we had Indian food and it was actually expensive while we never had that before. But even if you don’t have a lot to spend the area is still worth visiting. Here you’ll find all the designer flagship stores and almost every designer has exclusive models made especially for the Japanese market.


Dover Street Market
Our favourite store in Tokyo, I already visited the one in London, but this one is even bigger and has a very big selection of streetwear and designer pieces. I made the biggest impulse buy and bought a little pink Prada purse with elephants on it. A bit random maybe but it felt so me I had to get it right away.

Uniqlo is the king of basics, coming from Japan it’s no surprise you’ll find the biggest store here. The store is known for it’s collaborative collections, so it’s no surprise you’ll find all of them here. There’s a little something for everyone here.

Can’t go to Tokyo without doing a little karaoke! In this place you can rent private booths, so that’s what I did with Scott. Luckily we found a lot of songs we knew on the machines, it’s not only J-pop luckily.


We didn’t spend a lot of time in this area, but here you really see the different street levels Tokyo is made of.


National art centre
I love getting cultural on a city trip and really enjoyed this museum. The building alone is super impressive, so even if there is no interesting exhibition (which I doubt) it’s worth checking out.

Veganic to go
Being vegetarian isn’t really “normal” in Japan, in fact a lot of people living here don’t even understand what it entails. So I was happy to run into this vegan place, which had loads of choice. It made me want to stay there and try out new stuff all the time!
Toho Cinema 4D
This was my first time experiencing a 4D cinema and it was so fun! A 4D cinema basically is a 3D cinema, but with moving chairs and water/scent/air effects. I hear they do one like this in Disneyland too, but since you expect to do futuristic, quirky stuff in Japan, I would definitely put this on your list! We  saw Ghost in a shell here, this is a futuristic movie taking place in Tokyo, so that really added to our whole experience.

Meguro river


If you want to visit Japan in cherryblossom season like I did, the Meguro river is the place to go. This river is quite long and has blossom trees on both sides, making for a very impressive sight. It can get quite busy around here, there are food stalls and shops everywhere for the sakura festival.

Gotokuji temple


A little out of the way, but we had some time left on our last day in Tokyo. We were planning to go to Disneyland first, but since we didn’t have that much time we ended up going to the Gotokuji temple. This temple is filled with lucky cats, donated by visitors who were thankful when their wishes came true. You can also leave a note on a wooden hanger with your wish.

So that’s all for today! Hope you enjoyed the post and like reading my travel tips. And if you are going to Tokyo yourself, lucky you! It’s a trip to remember 🙂