Things to do, see & visit in Tokyo part 1

Things to do, see & visit in Tokyo part 1

Remember when I went to Japan? Yeah, I know, I can hardly remember it myself 😉 While collecting the pictures for this post I remembered what an amazing trip this was. The whole journey was so impressive that I had to write a blog post with some of my tips for you guys. As you can understand it takes me a while to write this, so that’s why I kept you waiting.

Japan is such an interesting country to visit, I can recommend it to everyone. Prepare to be surprised by beautiful nature, fun pop culture, very friendly and helpful people and delicious food.  For now I’m leaving you with a verrrry long list and pictures of some of my favourite neighbourhoods and places to visit there.

Omotesando / Harajuku

If you have been to New York this area will remind you a bit of Williamsburg. You’ll find a lot of vintage shops here, but also shops of cool brands like Acne Studios, Comme des Garçons and Supreme. The funny thing about Supreme is that they never have anything in stock, but 2 stores down you’ll find a lot of stock, wrapped in plastic and sold for 3x the original price!

Good town donuts
American style donut place, not only do their donuts look good, they are tasty too! Coming from someone who doesn’t like donuts this means a lot 😉
Amore vintage
Looking for a special Chanel bag? Then this is the place you want to visit. I was a bit disappointed in the prices as the bags are definitely more expensive than they are here in Europe. But still really worth visiting just to see all those Chanel bags, shoes and clothes.

Qoo vintage
This store is similar to Amore, but sells bags at a slightly better price point. Besides Chanel bags you’ll also find designer brands like Hermes and Louis Vuitton here. We searched high and low for this store, turns out it is situated inside an office building! This wasn’t the first time we experienced this, we even went to restaurants in office buildings. Definitely something you have to get used to.

Sugar Town
Super cute shop with all kinds of gifts and stationery. The first visit we made in Tokyo, as I had emailed them before heading there to make sure I could pick my Hello Sandwich Tokyo Guide, a cute guide we have used quite a few times.

Opening Ceremony

I absolutely loooove Opening Ceremony. They stock a lot of exclusive collaborations and since I was seeing this store all over my Pinterest I had to see it for myself. The pastel coloured stairs did not disappoint, allthough I was a little surprised I wasn’t allowed to take pictures. Oopssss.


This is gaming central a.k.a. Scott’s favourite area in Tokyo. Imagine neon lights, loud music and gaming arcades e-very-where. The nickname of Akihabara is Electric Town and there are a lot of electronic stores around, where you can buy loads of different devices and electronic parts. There are a some funny things around like maid cafés, where you’ll find women dressed up as maids, but needless to say we didn’t go in as it felt a bit weird. We did go to a lotttt of arcades during this trip, our fave part was playing “Pen Pineapple Apple Pen” on this drumming battle game.


Doesn’t really matter, just go into any arcade 😉



One of the most famous areas in Tokyo thanks to the Shibuya crossing. It’s very lively and fun and looks a bit similar to Akihabara with all the neon lights. This area is much more pop culture oriented and less geeky though and we went back here a few times for the arcades.


Purikura No Mekka

Ok, if there is something you can’t miss it’s the purikura. This is a Japanese style photo booth, where you can apply filters and stickers to your pictures making you look like a J-pop star or anime character. This is so much fun and I think we spent hours in here!


This place is incredible if you love arts & crafts and stationery. We bought a bunch of funny polaroid cassettes in here, as we took our polaroid camera with us to Tokyo. But it’s also a great place to buy post cards to bring home, or to send to your friends and family from Japan.

Pizza Slice

Yes, I know, who recommends pizza in Japan?! Well to be honest we are both not a big fan of all Japanese food. And being a vegetarian it was quite the challenge to find something good to eat every night. I am all for trying local cuisine, but being a veggie is quite rare in Japan, almost every dish has something meat or fish in it. So we tried a lot of different places, Pizza Slice has a New York vibe and cool interior and we ate good pizza.


During the first part of our trip we stayed in Shinjuku, which is the entertainment district. Again you’ll find a lot of arcades around here, one day Scott won the pink doll for me, but unfortunately that didn’t fit our suitcase. We ended up not doing that much around here, but just liked the location as it was quite central to take the metro from.


Mojan Curry
So I mentioned not liking all Japanese food, but I looove Japanese curries. This place was by far my favourite, the interior is super funky and looks a bit like a surf lodge. Mojan Curry has loads of vegetarian options and the food is just super tasty. If you ever had dinner at Wagamama you kind of know what the curries are like. Except the Japanese version is way more spicy. They let us pick spiciness from 1-10 and I can definitely say that you shouldn’t go above 5, 3 was even too spicy for me ;-). This is a chain of restaurants and I’d recommend this location, we also went to a different one where they only had buffet food, which didn’t quite cut it. The service is super good and fast, as it is in most restaurants we went to. Shame tipping is frowned upon!

Samurai Museum
Not gonna lie, Scott dragged me to this place, but it was actually very interesting to learn about the Samurai tradition.  We took a museum tour with the owner and he is super funny and know a lot.

Shinjuku Gyoen
There are a lot of parks in Tokyo and this is one of the biggest. It’s a very popular location for cherry blossom viewing, but when we went there we were a little too early for that.

And this is where I realized my post is becoming way too long… Stay tuned for part 2! We stayed in Tokyo twice during this trip, so the next post will be of the second time we stayed there.