Out of office with Otterbox in Andalusia + what I wore

Out of office with Otterbox in Andalusia + what I wore

What’s up everyone! Long time no see on the blog. Sorry for the lack of updates, I am currently posting mainly on Instagram, but thought I’d create a blog post for this amazing Otterbox trip I just got back from. It’s the third project I did with them and it was amazing! I always love working with Otterbox, I use their phone cases daily which is obviously very important for my job 🙂

We explored beautiful Andalusia in Spain for 4 days and it was definitely one of the best press trips I’ve been on.

Day 1: Malaga

On day 1 we explored the centre of Malaga a bit and had drinks and bites at a rooftop where we enjoyed a beautiful view over Malaga city centre.

What I wore:

Day 2: Frigliana & Boat trip

After a good night sleep we got up and drove to Frigliana. This town might remind you a bit of Mykonos or Santorini because of all the white houses and steps. It was absolutely stunning and I can definitely recommend going there for a day to explore it a bit like we did. Maybe we were there a little early in the season, but it didn’t feel touristy at all – unlike Mykonos 😉 What I liked about this trip with Otterbox is that we went on a little treasure hunt in each place we visited, which helped us explore the place even more. You may have seen this on Insta stories already or on my #OtterboxOoO posts.

What I wore:

After this we went on a little boat trip, which is always one of my fave activities on a holiday. You don’t have to walk around for once and you can just chill and enjoy the sun. And yes, in case you were wondering, I sometimes change outfits multiple times a day 😉

What I wore:

Day 3: Alhambra & Granada

This was already our last full day in Andalusia and we started by visiting something special: Alhambra. This is a gorgeous garden and Arabic themed palace. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see the palace as there was a super long queue, so I guess I have to go there another time. If you go there too I can recommend going really early to make sure you get to see it, it’s supposed to be amazing.

After walking through the beautiful gardens we got down to Granada, where we had lunch and visited a market. In one of the shops there I found a super fun picnic style basket. As you may have found out by now I have a bit of an obsession with baskets going on right now 😉

What I wore:

Day 4: Rancho del Ingles

During this Otterbox trip we stayed at the beautiful Rancho del Ingles. This bed and breakfast / wedding/event location is about 20km from Malaga city and super beautiful. The owners were super friendly and helpful and I absolutely loved breakfast here. On our last day we spent a few hours at the ranch to just chill. We mostly had dinner here too, so below you find a little compilation of outfits I wore at the ranch, including dinner outfits.

Once more I would really love to thank Otterbox and Rancho del Ingles for taking care of us really well during this trip. I had an amazing time.

Hope you enjoyed this post too! Let me know what your favourite outfit was in the comments 🙂