Dear mama

Dear mama














Dear Mama,

As we are approaching Mother’s Day soon, I am very happy that Swarovski has given me the opportunity to thank you for the person you are with a gift from their latest collection. This dainty necklace with a small crystal heart, made me think of you. You love simple, chic jewelry as much as I do, which makes me excited about gifting you this necklace for Mother’s Day. But besides giving you a physical present, I also want to take a moment to thank you for everything you have done for me.












Ever since I was a little girl you assured me it was okay to be me. You told me everyone is different and I shouldn’t care what people think of me, so I didn’t! When life gets you down you always stay positive or find peace of mind by doing something creative, like painting a beautiful landscape or getting crafty with me and my brother.


I am sure I get all my creativity from you! You created so many activities for us, discovering new places to go and things to do: never a dull moment. I think that is why I like to keep busy myself these days. The way you raised me has had a big influence on who I am today, and I’m happy about that!










I know I haven’t always been easy, especially as a teenage girl. It must have been hard when I left home at 18 or when I decided to go live in Barcelona for 6 months. But you never stopped me in doing what I wanted to do and what I believed in. I know you didn’t get all the opportunities that I have today and that’s why I get your full support in everything that I do.

Even when I started a blog and you didn’t fully understand what it was about, you still encouraged me to do it. And look at you now! You run your own @artynature Instagram account with so much joy, sharing all the beautiful landscapes you come across.









I realize now how much we are alike, not only with the things we love, but also with our looks. I even have the same hairstyle as you had back in the sixties and seventies! We both really enjoy fashion and have a similar style. I love that you have always let me pick my own outfits, as a little girl my favourite part of the new fashion season was when I could pick new shoes. I remember one time I went for crazy pink shoes with flowers, big laces and plastic butterflies attached to it – very Prada 😉 – I was so happy with those!

Of course nowadays I go for something less crazy. As I get older I get a little more stylish, just like  you. We both like to go for classy, feminine items, but still with a twist.  After all fashion is supposed to be fun and make you feel good!

I admire that even though you’re not the young modelesque girl you used to be anymore, you still look like a classy lady. You finish every outfit with a pretty scarf or necklace and that’s why I think this Swarovski necklace will be perfect for you.

Thank you mama, for everything you have done for me. I wish you an amazing Mother’s Day!