My stay at Park Hotel Tokyo

My stay at Park Hotel Tokyo

Konichiwa! I’m back from Japan, a trip that definitely exceeded my expectations. Before I share my guides with you I thought it was worth to highlight our stay in the last hotel of our trip: Park Hotel Tokyo, located in chic Ginza – perfect for those of you that like their designer shopping! – and with its own entrance to metro station Shiodome. I immediately fell in love with their Artist rooms when I found this hotel online. The Artist rooms are something quite special about this hotel: on the 31st floor you’ll find these magnificent rooms, all decorated by different artists. All rooms highlight a different aspect of Japan’s beauty, as experienced by the artist.

When booking one of the rooms you get the pick of one of the rooms available, so I was thrilled to find that the Cherry Blossom room was still available. I mean, who doesn’t want to sleep under a pink & gold blossom tree? Definitely one of the prettiest rooms I’ve ever stayed in. And I didn’t even mention the view yet! Staring at the concrete jungle of Tokyo at such a height is nothing short of impressive. And when you come back late in the evening, it’s so cool to stare into the night view, with the huge Tokyo tower at the centre of it all.

Our experience at Park Hotel Tokyo was perfect from the get go. Being a blogger I got a little tour, where we were shown a few other artist rooms. We were planning to go to a museum later that day, so exploring this special art gallery at the hotel was the perfect kick-off! It was so cool to see that every room is completely different. My favourite, besides the Cherry Blossom of course, was the Otaku Face, referring to a Japanese game where you piece together the face from different facial parts. We then found out that the artist had “hidden” all of the parts in the wardrobe! It’s this eye to detail all the artists have that turns these rooms into something special.  If you’d like to know more about the artist rooms, you can read about it here.

We felt really welcome during our stay as the staff was very helpful and helped us out with a lot of small things, like booking tickets to the cinema. This was our fourth hotel during this trip, so we did have some room for comparison hotel-wise in Japan. Two positive differences I noticed compared to the other hotels we stayed at were that the rooms were surprisingly bigger and that there was a great continental breakfast buffet. I think a good hotel can really add to the experience, making you feel at home and providing you with a great start to your day. And that’s exactly what Park Hotel Tokyo did for us. Definitely a hotel I can recommend if you’re planning to go to Tokyo!