How to spend 24 hours in Mexico City

How to spend 24 hours in Mexico City

I was planning to share this post a month ago, but life really got busy after returning from Mexico. I’m currently already preparing for Japan, where we are going in a little over a week. I feel so lucky to be able to take all these trips!

On the way back from Tulum to the Netherlands we had a transfer in Mexico City. Since the time between flights was over 24 hours we decided to book a hotel in Mexico City and spend a day there. I’m definitely not an expert on the city, since 1 day in a huge city like this is not a lot. But if you are in a similar situation I’m hoping to inspire you to get out of the airport and visit the city. A lot of people have this idea of it being really dangerous, but I have to say we visited a few different parts and never felt unsafe. Of course if you go to specific areas it might be different, but we really enjoyed the city. We took Über to get around all the time, which was super cheap! For a ride of 45 min – 1 hour it only cost us around €4.

Even though we were only in DF – as locals call Mexico City – for a day, I managed to take tons of pictures. One of the first things I did when landing in the city was texting my old boss at Kitsch Kitchen, since she visits Mexico loads to import products for her brand. She really helped me out with getting an idea of what we could do in 24 hours.

Frida Kahlo Museum

Our first stop was the Frida Kahlo Museum. I find Frida’s life story really fascinating and was very interested in seeing where she lived. The museum really helped getting an idea of this! Scott didn’t know much about Frida and really enjoyed the visit too. After spending an hour here we went to walk around the neighbourhood a bit.


The area around the Frida museum is called Coyaocan and it’s one of the oldest areas of DF. The architecture is typically Mexican, with loads of colourful houses.

We ended up having lunch on the main square of this area, which had a beautiful park as you can see! I forgot the name of the restaurant since it was a bit of a random choice, but the filled pepper was delicious and we enjoyed sitting outside while listening to a mariachi band (unfortunately without traditional clothes, so no pics were taken 😉 ).

Roma and La Condesa

After our lunch we went to visit the areas of Roma and La Condesa, which are both up and coming neighbourhoods and as you know this is where hipsters love to hang out. This kind of areas are always my favourite to visit in any city, as they’re filled with energy, cute bars and restaurants and fun things to do. Obviously we didn’t have time to really explore all these opportunities, plus we just had lunch, so we ended up just walking around. For this we found a walking tour online here, which was really easy to follow.

The architecture in this area is beautiful, with loads of art deco influences. Our favourite street was – surprise, surprise – Avenida Amsterdam. Not only was it the most beautiful, we also noticed it had loads of cute restaurants and some nice interior and sneaker shops. Obviously I couldn’t help but stop and pose at a pink house twice…

I didn’t do that much research on Mexico City as we were only going for one day, but was surprised to find out how green it is. Especially Roma and La Condesa, which has a huge park called Parque Mexico going all the way through the middle of Avenida Amsterdam. The funny thing about a lot of these parks is that they have a wifi area in it. If you don’t like green that’s still a perfect reason to sit in a park if you ask me 😉

Centro Historico

We concluded our day in the Centro Historico, which is the main city centre. This is where you’ll find big stores like H&M and Zara and it definitely felt as the most touristic part of our visit.

Palacio Nacional de Bellas Artes and La Casa de los Azulejos

As the sun set we admired two beautiful buildings: Palacio Nacional de Bellas Artes and La Casa de los Azulejos. These two buildings are within walking distance from each other and I especially loved the Casa with all it’s little mosaic stones. Still stuffed from our huge lunch we grabbed something random for dinner here and then ordered our Über to get back to the airport.

I really enjoyed this day in Mexico City and while typing this I’m a little amazed by the fact that we did all of this in 1 day! If I can I would really love to go back and explore the city a bit more. Especially La Roma & Condesa as I found so many cute spots to go!

If you’ve been to the city yourself I’d love to hear any recommendations you have in the comments.

What I was wearing

Dress: Munthe
Denim jacket: Won Hundred
Sunglasses: Chloe
Straw bag: bought in Tulum
Sandals: Senso