White & gold: the perfect winter combination

White & gold: the perfect winter combination

In winter it can be tempting to wear a lot of dark colours. I think we all have this “problem” and I can tell you: been there, done that! I really believe¬†what we wear can have an impact on our mood. And since winter isn’t exactly a moodlifter – ok, ok, some people LOVE the season, well I don’t and I’m sure a lot of you agree ūüôā – why not make ourselves a bit happier by wearing something light and or bright?

My current favourite ‘colour’ for winter outfits is white. I think it¬†can look so chic to wear white! And with a chic outfit you need to wear some chic accessories as well of course. Yes, I have that¬†obligatory Gucci bag, but you can also think a little smaller. How about a chic watch? My all time fave brand for watches is Cluse. I think they do a really good job designing a little something for everyone. And the gold watch I’m wearing in today’s post adds just the right amount of chicness to a winter white outfit.

As you can see by the smile on my face I’m already feeling better wearing this! How about you, will you give white and gold a try?

I’m wearing

Watch: Cluse
Bracelet: MonicaVinader
Coat: Modemusthaves
Jeans: Zara
Bag: Gucci
Sneakers: Acne
Sweater: Zara
Beanie: Acne