Shopping made easy

Shopping made easy

One of my favourite things to do during the weekend is go for a stroll around town with the boyfriend. Cheesy maybe, but it’s totally true. Since we are both busy during the week and Scott works full-time we don’t see each other¬†as much as we’d like – which is every minute of the day, duh ūüėȬ†That’s why I always enjoy to get a little quality time with my boy! In my hometown Haarlem there’s loads of shops and it seems that every week new ones pop up. Besides shops we also have loads of restaurants, lunch spots, hairdressers and coffee bars. We always try to explore a new coffee spot the second it opens up, but the one we visited last weekend completely slipped my mind. And during this visit I managed to get a little help from a very handy app, but more on that later!

Anyway, we went to this cute spot called Mica where they have just about anything an Instagram-worthy coffee spot needs: good coffee (duh!), yummy bites (healthy and unhealthy, guess what I went for…) and a super cute interior with plants & marble tables. I immediately fell in love with their marble coffee cups too and was so happy to find out I could actually buy them in store!

But when I¬†wanted to pay I found out I had forgotten my wallet. Typically me, I would forget to bring my own head if¬†it wasn’t stuck to my neck.. Luckily I had read about this mobile wallet app a few days before and downloaded it just in case I would run into a situation like this. This digital ABN Amro Wallet¬†app is just what you need it to be: a digital wallet, allowing you to pay on the go. It works just the way your electronic bank card works, only you turn on your screen and touch the PIN machine with your phone instead of your card. All you need for this to work is an Android phone with NFC Antenna and an ABN Amro bank account. For me an app like this is ideal, because even if I hadn’t forgotten¬†my wallet I would still find it a hassle to get my wallet from my bag, while my phone seems to be glued to my hand all the time. I’m sure¬†a lot of you can relate to that, so I thought I’d share this tip with you today! If you’d like to read more about it you can¬†do that here.

I’m wearing

Ruffle Sweater: Storets
Jeans: Zara
Beanie: Acne Studios
Teddy coat: Monki
Bag: Gucci
Shoes: Acne Studios

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