Happy new year!

Happy new year!

Happy New Year sweeties! Hope you had a wonderful evening and spent it with your loved ones.
This was the first time Scott & me spent ours at home since a long time. We have a top floor appartment in Haarlem and got the best view with all the fireworks! If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen it on Insta stories.

The first of January is all about making New Year Resolutions to a lot of people. I haven’t really made any, as I believe it’s best to set goals all year round. I understand resolutions work well to some people, it’s nice to feel like you start the year with a clean slate. But maybe after a while you forget about those resolutions and wait for January next year. So here’s my advice from one girlsboss to another: if you didn’t make any resolutions that’s just a-okay. Think about what you want to achieve and picture yourself reaching that goal. All you need is a plan and persistence. You definitely don’t need the first of January to help you out.

Now, that’s a relieve isn’t it? I’m definitely grabbing a few extra chocolates after typing that 😉 Allthough… should I? After all I have a beach holiday planned in a month. Brb, gotta work on my gym schedule!

I’m wearing

Ruffle Sweater: Storets
Fishnet tights: Wolford
ShoesSt. Studios