Denim jumpsuit

Denim jumpsuit

Don’t ask me why, but I kinda forgot about the power of the jumpsuit. Until I got this denim baby from Karen Millen. It’s one of the easiest, comfiest things to wear and it looks way more chic than a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. If you ask me a jumpsuit can even boost your confidence a little. It’s a subtle type of powerdressing. Wearing one will guarantee compliments all day, without having that ‘look at me’ vibe. I can go on & on, but one thing’s clear: I’m on Team Jumpsuit. Now who’s joining me?

What I wore

denim jumpsuit karen millen  (on sale!)/ pink heels topshop / handbag gucci / sunglasses prada / scarf moschino


karen-millen-denim-jumpsuit-iris-dijkers-a-dash-of-fash-7 karen-millen-denim-jumpsuit-iris-dijkers-a-dash-of-fash-2karen-millen-denim-jumpsuit-iris-dijkers-a-dash-of-fash-5 karen-millen-denim-jumpsuit-iris-dijkers-a-dash-of-fash-4