My London souvenir

My London souvenir

Every time I’m in London I just have to go to that big Topshop on Oxford Circus. And whatever I do, I can’t leave empthy handed. This time I bumped into this awesome bomber I’m wearing. I was debating whether to get it or not, since it was a bit more expensive than other bombers I saw. But then I found out it’s actually reversible! You can wear it the way I’m wearing it here, or you can flip it around and wear a bright blue bomber. This colour is perfect to wear with light denim, so I could immediately see myself wearing this a lot. And that’s when I always know I’m going to buy something: if I can dream up at least 3 outfits on the spot.

So this is my London souvenir, but the funny thing is that this type of jacket is actually called a souvenir jacket! The design isn’t from London though, it’s inspired by jackets you can buy in Japan as a souvenir. This way you can show off what areas you’ve been visiting. My boyfriend was quite jealous when I spotted this jacket: he has been looking for a bomber like this for a long time. But he would prefer to get a real one in Japan. We have both been dreaming about visiting the country, so that makes for a pretty perfect excuse, right?

What I wore

bomber topshop / floral shirt zara (old) / neckerchief levi’s / handbag coach / trainers puma / sunglasses newyorker / watch kapten & son