The best of Milan Fashion Week AW2016

The best of Milan Fashion Week AW2016

Sharing all of those Milan Fashion Week looks may have made you curious about what I did there. I mean, what did I do there? Well, if you were extremely curious, you could have followed me on Snapchat already (@adashoffash). But in case you didn’t here’s a recap. A little later than I had planned, but, you know, life and such. So here it is, a little recap of those 3 delicious days I spent in beautiful Milan.

I went to Milan with blogger friend Chloe, who’s been around the city for MFW a couple of times now. It’s always nice to be with someone who knows their way, so I was glad I could tag along. I’ve been to Milan about 9 years ago, but couldn’t remember much of it. I did remember loving the city and I have to say I still do. The good food, the good vibes… I’m sad I only went there for 3 days and will definitely go back next time for a longer period.

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We arrived in the afternoon, which gave me just enough time to switch from my airport outfit for my first Milan Fashion Week outfit. I then went straight to the Patrizia Pepe presentation, where I was in for a treat. I already knew the brand from their cute handbags, but little did I know they have so. many. handbags! There was one entire wall filled with bags and I probably took pictures of all of them. The glitters, the faux fur, everything about it said “get into my wardrobe now!”. Besides bags Patrizia Pepe also offers pretty shoes (boots, pumps & sneakers, all in gorgeous materials as well) and clothes. The whole collection was themed Madame Butterfly, meaning there were loads of butterflies in the collection. The collection was influenced by the 60s, 70s and British style, which I all LOVE, obviously.

After the presentation I met up with Chloe for aperitivo, which is similar to happy hour, but for bites & drinks. We stuffed our faces with pizza slices & coffee and then went off to the 10×10 presentation. 10×10 is a brand I didn’t know yet, but I’m glad I got to know it this way! The whole collection is so much fun, with loads of pop-art inspired items. The presentation was more like a party, with cocktails and singers. One singer had a song about fashion bloggers, which made my day!

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On the second day we started with a fashion show by I’m Isola Marras, where we bumped into Alessandro Enriquez, the head designer of 10×10! The Isola Marras collection includes loads of patchwork and crochet. It wasn’t entirely my style, but it was really cool to see. After this show we had lunch at God Save The Food. This place has the most delicious smoothies, so I can definitely recommend going there!

After lunch we went downtown again, for the Tosca Blu presentation. Tosca Blu is an Italian bag brand, which means we were in bag heaven again. Chloe and I then went for an outfit shoot, for which I wore one of Tosca Blu’s bags.  Like Patrizia Pepe their collection had a lot of British influences and some metallic shoes which were a little Gucci inspired (again: obsessed). Overall I loved it and this brand is definitely one to watch.

Then it was time for another bag presentation: Furla! If you know my blog a bit you know I’m a big fan of the brand. I already own 4 Furla bags and after seeing the collection I have to say. There will probably be more Furla bags joining that collection! The presentation surprised me as they added loads of different styles and models. A little bit for everyone! At this presentation we ran into the lovely Leonie, Nina, Tanja, Nina and Caro. I already knew some of them from Instagram and it’s always cool to meet in person!

We decided to go for dinner at Paper Moon, a delicious Italian restaurant where I obviously ordered pizza. This turned out to be quite the hotspot: we bumped into editors from various fashion magazines.



This was already my last day of Milan Fashion Week, such a bummer. We started with the Bulgari presentation, where we saw even more pretty bags. I might have to save up some space in my wardrobe for all the beautiful bags I saw during this trip!

On the 2nd day I had received an invitation from Calvin Klein to see their presentation on Sunday, but since I planned on leaving on Saturday I couldn’t make it. So I dropped by this day to have a sneak peek at their latest collection. This was really cool, the moment I walked in there was a casting with loads of models lined up. I wasn’t too sure whether I was allowed to take pictures or not, so I didn’t. Definitely cool to see though!

I ended the day with a show by Elisabetta Franchi. This brand is typically Italian, very feminine and outspoken. This specific collection had a circus theme going on, with animal prints and a lot of costumy looks. I already like the brand, but I started to love it even more!

After this show Chloe and I were pretty tired, so we were in doubt about what to do. We had another delicious pasta with tiramisu (YAY!), when we heard about this Diesel party which was about to happen. Diesel is known for throwing good parties, so we decided to go there. I had a blast and the party was definitely worth the hangover on my way back the next day 🙂

So far so good, see you next time Milano!