Tips for an easy city break

Tips for an easy city break

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As someone who goes on city breaks about every other month, I guess you can say I’m kind of an expert in the area. An unknown city can be quite overwhelming, so I’ve written a little guide to prepare you for your next easy city break.

Plan ahead

Avoid F.O.M.O. by doing your research. Look for local tips on blogs for the best experience. I also really love looking on Instagram for geotagged pictures and screenshotting the places that inspire me the most. I put them in a little folder on my iPhone and try to visit a couple of them. What really helps as well is downloading an offline map and public transport apps. This will help you get around the city and will prevent you from getting lost.

Find out your expectations

How many days are you going on a trip and what can you do within those days? Try not to expect too much in advance and make a top 5 of things you really want to do. Think about what kind of trip you want this to be. Do you want to explore night life? Or do you love visiting museums? Make sure you check up with your travel partner to see what they want out of this trip as well.

Take enough breaks

The hustle and bustle of a city can be super fun, but it might take away some of your energy. This is why it’s important to not cram loads of things to do in one day and take enough breaks. Go to that fun little coffee shop that has wifi. The perfect moment to Insta your best pics & make all your friends totally jealous 😉 What works for me as well is bringing a book along. On my last trip to London I read one big book only while commuting!

Go with the flow

So this one goes against my first tip: don’t plan too much! Go with the flow, ask locals for tips and always be open to new experiences. Because in the end that’s what your trip is all about!

What will your next city trip be?

What I was wearing

cactus sweater zoe karssen / handbag furla / jeans levi’s 501

pictures taken by Van Anh Le Ti of Chopstick Panorama at Timberyard