The Barbican

The Barbican

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Whenever I’m in London, the Barbican is one of my go-to places. The architecture is mind-blowing – a mix between futuristic and extremely outdated, as  you can see in the pictures in today’s post – which reminds me of sci-fi movies like Star Wars or Tron. I also fell in love with the idea behind it. The multi-arts centre was originally built as part of a utopian vision: residents of the buildings around it would find any entertainment they needed within a couple of meters of their home. This means the Barbican offers a mix of entertainment: you can go to a movie, concert or play and there’s always an interesting exhibition going on.

When we went there we visited a very interesting exhibition on the designer duo Eames. If you have a trip to London coming up make sure to add the Barbican to your list! We loved the idea around it so much that we ended up looking at the Barbican apartments for sale online. But for a staggering 1 million pounds for a place that is around the same size as our current home, that ship isn’t going to sail 😉

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What I was wearing

silk scarf sandro / lurex top h&m trend / suede skirt turnover / blue handbag topshop / trainers nike cortez