Amsterdam chic

Amsterdam chic

maison-scotch-teddy-biker-jacket-7-for-all-mankind-skinny-jeans-amsterdam-fashion-blogger-outfit-8 maison-scotch-teddy-biker-jacket-7-for-all-mankind-skinny-jeans-amsterdam-fashion-blogger-outfit-7 maison-scotch-teddy-biker-jacket-7-for-all-mankind-skinny-jeans-amsterdam-fashion-blogger-outfit-6 maison-scotch-teddy-biker-jacket-7-for-all-mankind-skinny-jeans-amsterdam-fashion-blogger-outfit-5 maison-scotch-teddy-biker-jacket-7-for-all-mankind-skinny-jeans-amsterdam-fashion-blogger-outfit-3
maison-scotch-teddy-biker-jacket-7-for-all-mankind-skinny-jeans-amsterdam-fashion-blogger-outfit-2 maison-scotch-teddy-biker-jacket-7-for-all-mankind-skinny-jeans-amsterdam-fashion-blogger-outfit-1

Long before I started A Dash Of Fash I lived in Barcelona for a while. I gladly took the opportunity to live abroad for 6 months during my studies at Willem de Kooning Art Academy. I didn’t have to think long about my destination. It just had to be Barcelona, my favourite city at that time. I love the city for its culture, shopping, night life, the beach and easy-going vibe and had the time of my life living there.

In Barcelona I got introduced to fashion blogs for the first time in my life. My room mate followed the Cherry Blossom Girl  and through her blog I started discovering more blogs. I loved streetstyle pictures as well and even had mine taken one day when I walked down Passeig de Gracia.  I felt really honoured to even get noticed by the streetstyle photographer of Spanish newspaper El Mundo. I had no idea how to pose, so I did look a bit awkward in said pic (sorry, the real evidence has left the www), but I loved the caption. It said my style was chic urbano. This of course means urban chic, but it sounds so much better in Spanish, no?

I always feel inspired by the cities I visit. Sometimes I try on a look, look in the mirror and I’m like: hmm, looks pretty chic urbano to me! Today’s look was inspired by Amsterdam. A little bit of fun, a splice of comfort and a good pair of jeans and there you have it: Amsterdam chic!

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What I was wearing

teddy biker coat maison scotch / skinny jeans 7 for all mankind / riots no diets sweater monki / baker boy cap modemusthaves / boots circus by sam edelman / handbag calvin klein