5 x DIY Denim trend

5 x DIY Denim trend

One of my fave trends of the moment is DIY denim. It’s fun and it’s easy to be a part of. I noticed this eyecatching trend on Pinterest – as always.  Customized denim pieces are popular with all the streetstyle stars you can imagine and in today’s post I’m giving you some of my fave examples. Now while they are probably rockin’ expensive designer denim, you don’t have to. The fun thing about DIY’ing is that it can be really cheap. All you need is a pair of scissors, an iron or needle and thread and a couple of spare hours and your set! Here’s 5 ways to take on the trend:



Write a word or quote you love on an old pair of jeans with chalk. Take your needle and thread and follow the lines of the letters with small stitches. Easy does it!



Definitely my fave version of DIY denim. I kind of cheated by buying a patchwork pair of jeans at Zara, but I’m thinking of DIY’ing a denim jacket. All you need to do is go to your local arts & crafts shop for some iron on patches, get your iron out and voilá! Compliments guaranteed for your custom made pair of jeans.


Frayed hem

A frayed hem will add a bit of class to your skinny or straight jeans. Before your start, cuff your jeans to find out what would be the right length. Once you find a flattering crop, tag it with chalk. Draw a line with a ruler and cut your jeans. For the fraying effect pull a few threads loose.


Cropped flare

diy denim with pins2


Not sure if the DIY Denim trend is something for you? No need to cut up your jeans with this version of the trend. Stick a bunch of pins on your denim jacket or jeans for some instant coolness. You can easily take them off once you’re done with them!

No time for DIY? Shop these items to get the look: