Swingin’ sixties

Swingin’ sixties

sixties-fashion-armor-lux-pinafore-dress-lipsy-striped-turleneck-fashion-blogger-outfit-7 sixties-fashion-armor-lux-pinafore-dress-lipsy-striped-turleneck-fashion-blogger-outfit-6
sixties-fashion-armor-lux-pinafore-dress-lipsy-striped-turleneck-fashion-blogger-outfit-4 sixties-fashion-armor-lux-pinafore-dress-lipsy-striped-turleneck-fashion-blogger-outfit-3

sixties-fashion-armor-lux-pinafore-dress-lipsy-striped-turleneck-fashion-blogger-outfit-1 sixties-fashion-armor-lux-pinafore-dress-lipsy-striped-turleneck-fashion-blogger-outfit-5sixties-fashion-armor-lux-pinafore-dress-lipsy-striped-turleneck-fashion-blogger-outfit

After tiring all of you long enough with my seventies obsession, it’s time to take inspiration from another decade. I’m talking about the swinging sixties! This era has been inspiring me for a long time and you’ll never guess who my style icon from this decade is. It’s not Jane Birkin, it’s not Twiggy and it’s not Jacky Kennedy. It’s my own mum! I remember her showing me pictures from the 60s when I was little and I always thought she looked so stylish. She was slim and tall, had long hair with bangs and loved to wear mini dresses and boots. And with a photographer as a friend she managed to get some beautiful pictures. If there were bloggers at that time I’m guessing she’d be one. I remember thinking I wanted to look like that some day. And look where we are now! She could definitely pass as my long lost sister, that’s how much we are alike. So mum, I know you read this, here’s to you! Thanks for being an inspiration to me 🙂

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What I wore

pinafore dress armor lux / rollneck top lipsy / snake print boots river island / handbag furla