If you’re a follower of this blog it probably hasn’t gone unnoticed that I have a new job as an online marketeer/designer at Kitsch Kitchen. It’s taken its toll on the blog, which means less posting. But boy am I having fun and am I learning much! This is such a great experience and I just couldn’t wait to share a little of what I’ve doing with you. The biggest project so far has been the Kitsch Kitchen catalogue. Each season (S/S and F/W) Kitsch Kitchen brings out a new one to showcase their new collection. This time we decided to go with a completely lay-out, designed completely by yours truly. And with only a couple of weeks and 70 pages to design this was quite the task. Along came the idea to have me design a print for the new collection. So not only can you get a complete catalogue designed by me, you’ll also be able to buy self-adhesive foil and oil cloth with a print made by moi!

Here’s a couple of pictures to illustrate what I’ve been up to!
Our collection consists of a lot pineapples and flamingos. I love both and in fact the first print I designed for this blog was a pineapple print. So when I was asked to design another pineapple print it obviously wasn’t hard to say ‘yes’.


Left: Picking the right Pantone colours for the print
Right: Checking if the catalogue cover has the right colour at the printer

Now that our collection & catalogue are done, it’s time to show it to the world! Visiting fairs is a routine for a lot of brands and it is for us as well. So the first fair was Maison & Objet in… Paris! I got to visit the fair for two days and managed to get a peak at the lovely city. Really really want to book a city trip there now!

Left: The neighbourhood our hotel was in was called Le Marais and looked super cool. Unfortunately every store was closed when I walked around. I wept a little on the inside when I saw 70% at Sandro…
Right: Pretending I ate those macarons 😉

I found out that I really love visiting fairs, it’s super inspiring to see all these cool home decoration brands doing their thing. I’m planning on moving to a bigger place this year and can’t wait to start decorating that future home. I made a couple of snaps of the fairs, so will be posting those later on as I hope it will inspire you too!


Left: Awesome decoration done by French party brand My Little Day
Right: Our stand at Dutch fair showUP

And last but not least the project I’ve been working on so hard: our Kitsch Kitchen catalogue. Would love to hear what you think of it!