Hello February! I finally took the time to design a new wallpaper for ya, woohoo! The last one was a bit like a Christmas tree staying in your house for waaayyy too long, sorry about that. This new wallpaper is all about the most important thing in the world: LOVE.

Now February is all about love because of Valentine’s day. Some of you may think that that day is commercial bullshit. I’m happy the day exists though. There’s enough hate and negativity in the world already. I think everyone can do with a little more love in their lives during one of the darkest months of the year 🙂 So if some stupid day made up for marketing purposes can remind all of us to spread some positivity, I say hells yeah! My mum’s birthday is coming up in 2 days, so again, more love to give. As a matter of fact, I’m spreading love like a wildfire! It’. Be gone with all of the haters, just look at your screen and feel the love! Download this wallpaper aka my love letter to you right here.

And if you’re looking for more love, check the sidebar of this blog. It’s filled with musthaves I’d love to buy muy pronto. I’ve also added a Pin-It! button to this blog, to you know, spread the love on Pinterest. Hope you like, eh love it!