I’ve never set foot into a nail parlor in my life, but when I heard about The Leopard Lounge I knew I had to go there. I’ve collaborated with its founders before and know what they’re capable off (good stuff!) so I hopped on a train to Rotterdam, with high expectations and 10 neglected finger nails. Yup, this female only nail and beauty parlor is located in Rotterdam, but even if you’re not living around there it’s worth a visit. And, you know, combine with a shopping trip or something.

leopard lounge2

The first thing you’ll notice is the awesome retro interior – a mixture of vintage and custom made furniture – of The Leopard Lounge. It’s like setting foot into a different era. The rockabilly uniformed ladies definitely add to that feeling. And the female only soundtrack takes everything to another level. This is something different than your average all-white, fluorescent-lit nail parlor. The Leopard Lounge ladies a.k.a. bombshells definitely have an eye for detail. And that’s not only applicable to the looks of the parlor. My nails were very well done too.

leopard lounge3

I’m a nail biter and wear chipped nail polish half of the time. I have an eye for detail too, but hate the hassle of painting my nails every other day. I briefly flirted with the idea of getting gel nails when my best friend had them, but never gave it any thought until I had the chance of visiting The Leopard Lounge. The plus side of gel nails is that you can have nails at any length you want, in any design you want and it’ll look good for a very long time. Unlike my natural nails.

I had no idea it would take a couple of hours to get them. I’m not going to take you through the whole process as you can probably Google that, but it involves a lotttt of layers. And filing. Lots of filing. It kind of feels like having a work of art made on your finger nails. My artist of the day was Sue, who made this into a fun and painless experience for me. So even though it takes a long time, at least you’re in a fun place! Once you’re outside again it feels like you were in a different world, zoned out from everyday life. And that really is the perfect beauty experience!

I went for nails with a mid-long rounded tip and a burgundy triangle half moon finish, which goes really well with my personal style. I do have to get used to doing things (especially typing!) with longer nails, so if I ever get a new set I might go for shorter nails. I like the chic feel of these longer ones though and already received a lot of compliments on it.

leopard lounge win

I know I’ve emphasized the nail part of The Leopard Lounge, but there’s also a beauty salon, plus they sell every product you could possibly need to pamper yourself. Among those things is this cute nail set, which I’m giving away today!

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Good luck!