a a dash of fash: amsterdam fashion week day 4

amsterdam fashion week day 4

ph. by me

Amsterdam Fashion Week is officially over, so I'm not going to bore you with post after post with old news. I ended up only visiting day 1 and day 4 and in these pictures I'm giving you a synopsis of day 4. Can you believe I went to 5 shows?! Thankfully I had my private driver from DriveUgo to drive me to fashion week territories in time, so I didn't have to worry about that.

It was very inspiring to see such different designers in one day. So what you see in this post is:

  • the beautiful cut-out shapes of Rebbeca Ward's collection, displaying her own emotions
  • an amazing yellow skirt and wood-print fabrics from DORHOUT MEES' 'Passage', symbolizing power vs. vulnerability
  • the must-have pink dress at Ratna Ho, a collection mixing ballroom and outdoor travel influences (who'd have thought combining these two would make for something nice?)
  • rock'n roll chic at Tony Cohen, with a mixture of silk, wool and leather
  • my personal fav: Winde Rienstra's universe inspired statement pieces. I mean... would you look at those shoes?!
Hope you enjoy the pictures of the shows. Stay tuned for a post of what I was wearing!


Tiffy Diamond said...

Love the yellow skirt and the last dress.

Becky P said...

Oh wow, these photos are amazing and so are designers of course! Amazing, you definitely had a great time xx


Anne Stikvoort said...

mooie foto's iris!!

MissionToStyle said...

Sprakeloos! x Dani


Caroline Topperman said...

Fabulous photos!

Dee Johnson said...

These photos are amazing and the last dress is as well.


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