a a dash of fash: January 2013

take a picture it'll last longer

I was waiting outside a restaurant in Amsterdam last August when I bumped into the talented photographer Yamandu Roos (whom I did not know at that point) and he asked me if he could take a few pictures of me some time. Five months, several failed appointments and a few hair colours later we finally got around to doing it. Yamandu has just finished his 7 year (!) project called 'Europeans', where he travelled around Europe and took a lot of pictures of people and places. This time he took his pictures a little closer to home, or actually, literally at his home. It's kind of funny being photographed by someone who has also had the likes of Ronaldinho, Pharrell Williams and -one of my favourite artists- Yoshitomo Nara in front of his camera. I could ramble on about what he does and has done since it's quite a lot, but maybe it's better if you just check his website. For now I'm leaving you with my pictures, which I think are really nice and simple.

one lousy toothpick

So, here it is. Blogpost #1. This will be my personal style blog, my way to show you my view on fashion. I have been participating passively (contradictio in terminis, i know) in the fashion blog world for so long and felt the need to become an active participant. The only thing that had been standing in my way, was my broken SLR camera. I have managed to ruin the card slot about 1 year ago and the camera has been collecting dust in a dark spot ever since. But yesterday I had an epiphany: maybe I could fix the card slot myself! And so I tried and actually managed by using: one lousy toothpick! So thank you, mr. toothpick for kickstarting my fashion blogger carreer. Soon me and my SLR will be out and about, taking nice, fashy shots for everyone to see! To be continued... :)