working on it #3

working on it #3

When I’m not working on my blog, shopping or hanging with friends, I’m working. These days this mainly means freelance assignments. Two of the biggest projects I work on are the ones I’m showing you in this post: Team Magazine and Lovebirds.

I showed you the previous Team Magazine in this post and now there is a new fall/winter edition out. The magazine can be found in Team Kapsalons (hairdressing salons) across the Netherlands. If you want to see the full edition, you can read the online version here.
Lovebirds is a fun hiphop/jazz/house party held in Bird Rotterdam and recently it has expanded to an Amsterdam edition! The next edition is next Friday in de Melkweg, so if you don’t have any plans yet and you happen to be in Amsterdam, do drop by! I’m not organizing the party but I made the whole brand identity, so the flyers in the pic below are designed by yours truly.

I won’t be attending myself, as I will be in Londonnnn. I’ve been super busy this week so my outfit posts will have to wait, but I promise you there will be enough of that coming up after I’m back from London town.

I haven’t even found time to dive into what’s on in London next week, so if you have any tips please share! I’ll be going to a Vampire Weekend concert and a musical called the Book of Mormon, made by the makers of South Park. Everything else is still pretty much undecided, so I’d love to hear some ideas!