the pink coat

the pink coat

ph. by scott van der winden

Ladies and eh.. ladies, I’d like to introduce you to the best buy I made in London: the Pink Coat. If you have been following me on Pinterest you probably know about my obsession with pink coats. I wasn’t even thinking of getting one myself, because it’s a bit of an impractical colour for a winter coat. Wear it three times in a row and you’ll be known as ‘the girl with the pink coat’.

But why should I care about that? Practicality isn’t my forté anyway. I just love pink and when I surprisingly bumped into this ‘it coat’ at Marks & Spencers for only 85 pounds I had to make it mine. I thought it would be sold out, but then I found it in the store in Oxford Street, 2 sizes too big. I looked like a huge pink tent, so I couldn’t possibly buy it. The friendly staff checked if there were any left in smaller sizes and the answer sadly was ‘No’. They told me that this coat was super popular and a lot of celebs wear it, there even was a waiting list for it!

When I came across another Marks & Spencers at Marble Arch I squeaked a little when I found a part of the store with ridiculous amounts of this very pink coat… all in big sizes. But there, in one corner I saw it, quietly whispering my name. The coat was still one size too big, but since it’s an oversized fit I thought it was okay. Still a little doubtful, a nice lady, who was trying on coats as well, told me the coat totally suited me and I looked great in it. I still suspect that this lady was hired by Marks & Spencers to help them get rid of their overstock of huge pink coats.

The quality is awesome and it’s amazing how I can create an outfit with this coat, the right bag and the right pair of shoes. Nothing more, nothing less. It looks cute with a skinny jeans and some black booties, but I tried to make this outfit even more colourful. Everyone seems to wear black these days, which totally makes you get lost in a crowd. I get it, the shorters days are depressing, but it would be nice for a lot of people to cheer up a little. And that’s exactly what I tried to accomplish with this outfit. Not sure if I succeeded though, case in point being the two men in one of these pics. Their conversation probably went a little like this: ‘Why on earth is that girl wearing a pink coat? With neon trainers?!’ ‘I don’t know man, I don’t understand fashion these days. Let’s just stick to good old brown and black.’