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I wish I could Photoshop some sunshine in these pictures, but I'm afraid it's just the way it is. Signature Dutch weather has arrived again. The pictures look kind of Photoshopped already, my beanie really stands out against all the brown and grey, which makes it look like I'm placed against some photographer's backdrop. So not true, these pictures really are taken in Amsterdam. I live a 15 minute train ride away from Amsterdam, so me and my Amsterdam-based best friend had a well-balanced lunch there: very healthy hummus and aubergine wholegrain sandwiches combined with very unhealthy cheesecake. Perfect!
As you can see I tried out a new *cracked* topcoat, definitely not sticking with that. I already have issues with making nail polish look polished (to the disturbing extent where somebody asked me whether I do my nails when I'm drunk), so I don't need nail polish which makes your nails look unfinished in my life. Hats off (or in this case beanies) to all you nail art bloggers for trying out cool nail styles. Here's a request: could you do a tutorial on how to apply regular nail polish? It would totally make my life. 

ph. by nur bezema 

leather biker jacket: warehouse (similar here) black & white 60s mini dress: vind vintage (similar herering: topshop (similar hereneon beaniecarhartt (similar heretransparent neon clutchebay (here) wedges: jeffrey campbell (similar here)


Andrés B. said...

Oh my God! The neon touch was the cherry on top!
Looking flawless!



Jointy&Croissanty said...

Perfect outfit:) I like your beanie, jacket and neon bag!:)

TLV Birdie said...

Hummus!:) And one more mediterranean hello from me:)
color touches are great and no need for additional sun!:)

Kamila M. said...

Hyped ! Such a cool look! I love the thighs and all the little details of your outfit ! www.modesuechtig.blogspot.de

fizz said...

love the touches of neon! that bag is so awesome!!



a dash of fash said...

Ah thanks! Yup, love hummus <3

Rachel Willow said...

Love your pictures!
The scenery is beautiful!!


Ingrid St. James said...

Great pictures!! You look stunning! Couldn't ask for a better back drop!!


Love Love

Caroline Topperman said...

You look great! I'm really familiar with this weather so the fact that you are smiling is pretty fantastic!

Marta M said...

I just found oyur blog, and i love it is amazing! you have a great style!
I went to Amsterdam for last summer and i really like the lifestyle from there, it was so slow!

I follow you! Here i give you my blog, last post was about Madrid Fashion Week!

Miss Flamingo

Vivid said...

You look so nice! Great outfit! : )

libys11 said...

totally love the neon pop of color!! :D

Click me for my NEW BLOG

Ana Filipa said...

clutch! <3


fashion muffins said...

Like your neon detalis :)


BarbaraVu said...

You look so cute <3
Loving the hat.

Mona said...

Love the neon accessorizes!


GagCloud said...

Nice outfit :)
Would you like to follow each other via GFC or more?
Let me know :)



Elen Ellis said...

Love your transparent clutch!! so chic!
visit my blog too, i have new post
maybe follow each other?? let me know

cleartheway said...

I am with you on the cracked nail polish thing... I think it looks unpolished. This outfit is great. Sorry you are lacking in sunshine! I love your beanie.

Kate from Clear the Way

Tiff Ima said...

Loving this look!

I tagged you for a Liebster Award check it out!

Tiff Ima
Style Honestly

a dash of fash said...

wow, that's so cool! thank you! I really appreciate it :)

Grace B said...

So happy to discover this blog! I followed :') x

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