new old project

As you may have read on my blog I am an art-director/graphic designer, which means I can work on fun creative projects. Today I am getting started on a project I have actually worked on before: a magazine for Team Kapsalon. Team Kapsalon is a Dutch hairdressers chain with about 80 barber shops. I love working on this project (as you can see by the amount of hearts I put in my title) because it’s very versatile. I get to pick a lot of the content for the magazine and of course I design the whole shabam. Last time I had a deadline of 3 weeks (!!!) to do the whole thing. Luckily I’m getting a less tighter deadline this time. Of course a project like this starts with finding inspiration. So that’s where I started today!
The result of the first magazine I did is to be found on my portfolio website